Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello, First I would like to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Adrienne, I'm an African American Christian woman who grew up going to church off and on however, it wasn't until recently that I truly started dedicating myself to embrace my Christian faith, as I haven't always been religious.  I'm not currently going to church but I'm still trying to embrace religious side more an more by reading the bible, doing research online on biblical matters, the meanings of the context on biblical scriptures.  

You see, I don't think it's enough to just read the bible and learn the scriptures but understand what the scriptures really mean in the context it was written.  I think some of the problems within the Christian culture is that many have different ideas what is means to be "true Christian"  sometimes due to misinterpretation of the bible taking scriptures out of context, turning the bible into a "to do list" where anyone else doesn't live up to this list is condemned not real Christian which we normally call legalism. 

There are a list of Christian groups, like the Patriarch movement, Evangelical Feminists,Christian Complementarians, Egalitarians, or the Progressive Christians who all have their own ideas of the bible, and Christianity altogether. I'm not in any of these camps since my goal is to research and learn the true meanings of biblical ideals rather than lumping myself in a certain Christian branch.   This goes beyond just learning what is traditional or progressive or even what is common.  This blog I will consist of me discussing my own personal perspectives of a various topics regarding biblical and Christian ideology and the Christian lifestyle, which includes, gender issues, marriage roles, family, relationships, legalism,  as well as many social and cultural issues in the Christian faith.  Some of the topics may be controversial debunking certain myths and critical to many elements of the Christian culture.   I don't pretend to be an expert just stating my own conclusions on these matters. 

 I hope my topics will lead to interesting discussions and even debates, as  anyone is free to agree or disagree just as long as you comments are always respectable without any rude or offensive language.  Hope to hear from you all in the future.  Thank you.